WNA By-Laws Revision June 17, 2019 
  • June 23, 2019
Dear WNA Members, 

Please note that the WNA Board has revised the WNA By-Laws with important language relative to protecting one's exclusive representation of WNA in your respective city, region or country. Many of you have expressed how important exclusiveness was to you in your decision to join WNA. This exclusiveness must be earned/maintained by closely adhering to the WNA By-Laws. .

Very important in meeting membership requirements in addition to paying invoices in a timely manner, communicating effectively/efficiently with headquarters and other WNA Members, is attending our Annual Conferences. Many of our members have attended 100% of the Annual Conferences since joining, many, many more have attended all but one or two during their WNA tenure. We strongly encourage you to attend the upcoming Conference in Miami. 

The WNA Board has not enforced these requirements but feel with the size of the association we've achieved, it is increasingly important to do so.  If your "regular" representative cannot attend, please send a colleague -- we'll show them around and make sure they're welcomed. The Miami Annual Conference is a few months away, please make every effort to attend this year. It would be wonderful to have 100% attendance!

The revised by-laws are posted in the Download Documents section of the WNA website. You can find them in sort order number 997. If you have any trouble finding them, please let me know and I'll email a copy to you. 
The revised section can be  found in the second paragraph of Article II, written in red.  
I hope you'll make your plans to attend Miami, I've already received a number of reservation requests. The form is in the Download Documents section if you haven't yet sent in your request. Also, please remember to pay your registration invoice if you have not already done so. 

Thank you for being a valued WNA member!


Patrick Weston, President