Welcome to World Net (World Net Associates) - an international consortium of independent, locally-owned and operated freight forwarders, customs brokers and logistics specialists who share a common mission

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    Year's of Experience
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    Countries Covered


World Net Associates mobilizes a broad network of partner companies to deliver the most cost-efficient, reliable solution for international custom brokerage, transportation and logistics services.

In short:
Local Commitment – Worldwide

World Net was founded to provide the most effective service to importers and exporters worldwide. World Net's partners share a common vision - that having an independent owner present in each geographical area of service represents the best combination of service and care available. On site executive attention assures consistent highly reliable service.

World Net is a multi-modal transportation service organization dedicated to the efficient, cost effective movement of cargo to and from anywhere in the world.

World Net offers extremely competitive sea and air freight rates

World Net provides custom brokerage, air and ocean exports/imports, and all associated services (See "Services Offered")

World Net's members employ almost 2000 people at our 110 member locations worlwide, and have relationships with hundreds of non-member agents.

In addition to World Net members, and Partners, we have, or will obtain prestigious supporting partners to serve your needs in any geographic location, as part of World Net's ongoing effort to bring on highly knowledgeable, dependable and consistently reliable members.