US Duties Update 
  • August 01, 2018
WNA Members (A message from David Meyer), 

Recently David Meyer/DJS International and Shane Garcia/RW Smith spoke on a panel at the G-TEC conference on bonds and the effects of the Section 232 and Section 301 duties with regards to importers bonds. I urge you to make sure your clients understand their bonds are likely going to skyrocket if and when list 2 of Section 301 comes
out. Below is a new article that may change products in list 2 from 10% to
25% duties!! Our (DJS) accounts that fall under Section 2 would pay more than
$50mil if they imported just the same amount of product
. If the tariff
changes to 25% the number will be through the roof and many will be
collateralizing their bonds with letters of credit. Not good.
David Meyer/DJS International