Member Feature - Hawk Ellery Freight Services 
  • July 14, 2018
WNA Members, 

We are pleased to present our latest Member Feature, Hawk Ellery Freight Services, Auckland New Zealand.  We also take this opportunity, and hope you will as well, to thank Hawk Ellery for being our Host for our upcoming Auckland Annual Conference. Thank you Steve and Scott for your hospitality. The Member Feature Article may also be found on Download Documents. 

Patrick Weston, Executive Director  

                         Introduction – Hawk Ellery Freight Services
Ellery Freight Services was established in 1969 by Greg Ellery. It originally operated as a customs brokerage only but began offering international freight in 2005. Ellery Freight had a reputation as a solid and well respected local business in Auckland. It was supported by a book of loyal and long term customers. A focus on family values such as loyalty, integrity, and honesty combined with a team of long serving staff provided a very stable platform for future growth. In 2015 the decision was made to merge with Hawk Customs and Freight. It was an easy decision with a company of similar size, values and attitude.
Hawk Customs Brokers Ltd was established in 1993. Like Ellery Freight Services, it also originally operated as a customs brokerage only. In 1996 Steve bought 50% of the company and introduced the freight forwarding side of the business, thus changing the name to Hawk Customs & Freight Ltd. In 2000 Steve purchased the remaining 50% shares. Hawk has a reputation over the last 15 years of providing a premium logistical solutions package to a loyal customer base.
In April 2016, Ellery Freight Services and Hawk Customs & Freight merged forming the new entity Hawk Ellery Freight Services Ltd.
  • 1969 – EG Ellery Customs Agents founded
  • 1993 – Hawk Customs Founded
  • 2000 – Steven Wallace becomes Director Hawk Customs
  • 2007 – S Ellery becomes Director of Ellery Freight Services
  • 2015 – Ellery Freight & Hawk Customs Merge to Become HAWK ELLERY FREIGHT SERVICES
  • 2015-2017 – Consolidation of services and growth
Our Strengths
  • General Cargo
  • Biopharmaceuticals
  • Project / Heavy load
  • Hub for the South Pacific
  • Cargowise Platform
Our Focus
  • Staff training / education
  • High level of consistency of deliverables and service delivery across origins
  • Audit of duty procedures
  • Evaluate possible IT Integration
  • Reduce the overall lead time for direct procurement orders
  • Reduce the overall end-to-end average unit costs
  • Develop and implement industry best practices
  • Improve visibility systems
  • Communication
                Regular communication between the local Hawk Ellery team and customers staff are important to identify which areas can be improved and where cost savings can be achieved.
  • Understanding
                Our Hawk Ellery team and our customers need to develop a solid understanding of upstream and downstream processes in order to develop better processes and come up with ideas that will work.
  • Transparency
                Hawk Ellery and our customers need to be open when reviewing costs and budgets set by management.  Only when the degree of trust and transparency is high, can real results be achieved.
July 14, 2018